Ethical Chocolate

We are pleased to advise that we use sustainable chocolate that, we believe, surpasses Fair Trade as it ensures the farmers are looked after for every crop that they produce and not just each season.

 The farmers are fully supported in the form of education for both their families and with the production of cocoa. Further, health programs are provided to ensure that they receive the care that they need.

Our owners, Sue and Garry Bracegirdle, were lucky enough to visit cocoa farms in Ghana where they met with the farmers and saw firsthand how the cocoa is grown.

Palm Oil

I am pleased to advise that the chocolate we use does not contain palm oil and we do not add palm oil to any of our products.

The only time palm oil would be present is if it is in an ingredient we use or in a product we buy in.


With the exception of Firenze and the decoration on the Caramel Cup, our chocolates do not contain gluten.

That said, all our chocolates are made in the same chocolate kitchen, so we label everything as ‘may contain traces of gluten’ just in case there is any cross-contamination.


Unfortunately, we cannot cater for coeliac disease sufferers. Whilst we do offer some gluten-free products and make every effort to avoid cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee that gluten-free products have not come into contact with products that do contain gluten.

We do not run a certified coeliac approved kitchen, therefore, as per the guidelines from The Coeliac Society, we cannot ever guarantee that our gluten-friendly options are entirely free of gluten.