Coffee School

At Bracegirdle's Coffee School, we craft our coffee with love and passion. We're dedicated to providing a hands-on and comprehensive learning experience that will transform your coffee-making abilities, whether you're a passionate home barista or aspiring to become a professional barista.

Bookings are essential for all courses. To register your interest, please contact

Please note that our courses are not accredited, but certificates of attendance can be issued upon request.

  • Home Barista Training

    Evenings by arrangement, 5pm-7pm
    Max. 2 people per session
    One session (2 hour course): $150

    This course is for the home barista that wants to learn how to achieve the best results from their machine. Includes:

    • Bean selection
    • Grinding and tamping
    • Shot extraction
    • Steaming milk
    • Cleanliness and maintenance of equipment
    • Hands-on learning technique
  • Barista Training

    Two nights by arrangement
    Individual tuition
    Two sessions: $350 total

    This in-depth, hands-on course focuses on coffee history and processing, cupping and barista skills, dosing and grinding techniques and brewed coffee principles. Includes:

    • Espresso equipment (machine and grinder)
    • Production of expresso-based beverages
    • Grinding, tamping and polishing
    • Shot extraction (dose and grind adjustment)
    • Milk steaming and texturing
    • Cleanliness of the equipment
  • Latte Art Training

    Evenings by arrangement, 6pm-8pm
    Individual tuition
    One session (2 hour course): $250

    This course is designed for those looking to improve their latte art skill, and focuses on texturing milk for latte art (i.e. apple, tulip, rosetta, heart). Includes:

    • Steaming techniques
    • Steaming for different pour types
    • Demonstration of basic pours
    • Latte art

    This is an advanced course. Participants must have completed a barista training course or have existing skills in coffee making and milk texturing.

  • Courses are held on location in our Cross Road cafe.